Mission and Objectives


“ To improve the quality of teaching and learning in member institutions by creating a collaborative platform for developing knowledge, sharing resources and case studies, providing leadership and encouraging community building“


  • To recognize and advocate the importance of resources and best practices sharing to promote efficient and innovative teaching and learning across members of the consortium.
  • To develop leadership for continuous improvement of teaching and learning through the establishment special focused groups, organizing of workshops and seminars and development of special programs in the field
  • To disseminate and share Innovative ‘e-approaches’ with teaching and learning experts that encourage e-learning practices to engage learners actively and collaboratively through the exploration of specially designed resources, shared through the ICELTC web portal.
  • To become a repository of best practices, promoting inter-professional e-learning locally and internationally, and will build on innovative developments with its member partners, such as web-based journeys, multimedia resources and virtual learning groups.
  • To contribute to high quality e-learning experience with emphasis on active learner engagement.
  • To foster awareness e- learning progress and providing opportunities for Personal Learning.
  • To undertake research projects of common interest that will contribute to the improvement of teaching and learning practices and the integration of technologies in modern education
  • To build a community of practice where members of the consortium have access to each other expertise, share information, present and debate ideas, etc